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LESHY Ajuga | Sustainable Sneakers | Unisex

LESHY Ajuga | Sustainable Sneakers | Unisex


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Ideal for everyday use in spring, autumn and mild summer.

  • thermoregulating
  • dirt and water repellent
  • 100% wool outside
  • Breathable and healthy interior with hemp, wool and cork
  • flexible outsole with excellent grip
  • 97% natural materials
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Product Information


Outside:100% pure wool. Water and dirt repellent, breathable, durable, thermoregulating.

Inside:100% pure hemp. Super breathable, light but robust, naturally bacteria and odor resistant.

Footbed:Natural cork with 100% pure wool felt for an antimicrobial and fresh environment.

Outsole:Made from natural latex with excellent flexibility, high durability and strength to ensure you stand on safe feet.

Laces:100% Lyocel natural fibers from the eucalyptus tree with natural cellulose tips.


Indoor use: at home or in the office

Outdoor use: in spring, autumn and mild summer weather

Rain: water repellent against light rain and splashes

Snow: not recommended

These sneakers are characterized by: thin, thermoregulating wool fabric for optimal temperature regulation. The fabric is woven with a large diameter yarn, which makes it very breathable.

Optimized for urban areas: The supportive design of the Earthbound™ sneakers is optimized for use in urban areas with flat floors.


Wide, narrow or regular fit?

The human foot comes in all shapes and sizes. Our sneakers are optimized for a normal or average foot width.

Comfort - supportive, not soft

The ergonomically designed cork footbed inside distributes the weight over a larger area, providing a feeling of softness and support without the need for soft plastic foams.


The natural latex sole is a remarkable combination of flexibility and excellent grip, keeping you on firm ground while adapting to the surface.

Long laces for a controlled fit

The hiking-inspired long lacing system wraps gently around your foot and gives you precise fit control.

Lowering the heel

This sneaker has a heel drop of approximately 5mm. It is not a zero-drop shoe.


The inside of the sneaker is made of a pure 100% hemp textile that wicks away moisture and ensures a healthy and dry environment.

We use large diameter yarns to weave a mesh structure with thousands of tiny gaps that allow water vapor to pass through and away from your feet.

The stinky foot season is over

  • Odor and bacteria resistant materials ensure a healthy and dry environment.

  • Cork contains a natural substance called “subherin”, which makes it resistant to odors, bacteria and fungi.

  • Wool contains a natural substance called lanolin, which protects it from bacteria, water and stains.

  • Our hemp is completely chemical free and naturally antimicrobial.

Low maintenance

All our sneakers are treated with a water and dirt repellent nano coating. This coating is 100% natural and completely harmless to the environment and human health.



Earthbound™ materials are naturally odor, bacteria, water and stain resistant and should last a long time with proper use and care.

Water repellent

All Earthbound™ sneakers feature a water-repellent coating that is completely natural and harmless to the environment, human health and any type of material.

How to care for your Earthbound™ sneakers

To maintain the beautiful color and appearance, we recommend a gentle vacuum with a soft nozzle. Pure wool is anti-static and does not attract dirt like other fabrics. The fabric is also water-repellent, so spilled liquids can only slowly penetrate the fabric.

For all dust and mud stains, allow the stains to dry and then vacuum. After vacuuming, use a clean and soft shoe brush (or toothbrush).

If there are stains, always soak up the liquid as quickly as possible with a white kitchen towel. If the stain has dried, remove as much of it as possible by vacuuming. Most stains and dirt can be removed with a commercially available pH-neutral cleaning agent diluted in lukewarm water.

Over time, white dust may form on the surface of rubber outsoles. This is a natural hardening process of the rubber, which you can remove with warm water, regular detergent and a soft brush.

Durable outsole

The abrasion-resistant compound of the outsole ensures that you can enjoy your sneakers for a long time.


97% natural materials

Bio-based and environmentally friendly, breathable, flexible and comfortable - natural materials are outperforming plastics :)

Low CO2 emissions

Up to 65% less CO2 than the industry average.

Oeko-Tex certified - non-toxic to humans

The first sneaker in the world to be certified as non-toxic to human health through the Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100 certification for the entire product and not just for individual components.

Responsible manufacturing

  • Ethical manufacturing with fair wages and happy workers.

  • Selection of natural bio-based materials with low environmental impact.

  • Hemp from responsible cultivation in the EU and completely free from dyes and chemicals.

  • Cork from responsible cultivation in the EU.

  • Wool from responsible farms in Norway, Great Britain and New Zealand.

  • Overall reduced use of chemicals.

  • Optimized packaging and shipping.

  • Solar panels on the factory roofs.

  • Natural latex from FSC-certified forests.

  • Tencel Lyocel from FSC certified sources.


    Just like sheep.


    Like wearing clouds.


    Stinky feet season is over.


    97% bio-based carbon content.


    Oeko-tex™ certified.


    65% less CO2 emissions than the industry average.

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