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ERILO Moss x Blue | Sustainable Sneakers | Unisex

ERILO Moss x Blue | Sustainable Sneakers | Unisex


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Ideal for everyday use in spring, autumn and mild summer.

  • thermoregulating
  • dirt and water repellent
  • 100% wool outside
  • Breathable and healthy interior with hemp, wool and cork
  • flexible outsole with excellent grip
  • 97% natural materials
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Product Information


Outside:100% pure wool. Water and dirt repellent, breathable, durable, thermoregulating.

Inside:100% pure hemp. Super breathable, light but robust, naturally bacteria and odor resistant.

Footbed:Natural cork with 100% pure wool felt for an antimicrobial and fresh environment.

Outsole:Made from natural latex with excellent flexibility, high durability and strength to ensure you stand on safe feet.

Laces:100% Lyocel natural fibers from the eucalyptus tree with natural cellulose tips.


Indoor use: at home or in the office

Outdoor use: in spring, autumn and mild summer weather

Rain: water repellent against light rain and splashes (the water repellent effect may decrease, so we recommend refreshing the water repellent treatment with Earthbound™ Eco-Dry Spray)

Snow: not recommended

These sneakers are characterized by: thin, thermoregulating wool fabric for optimal temperature regulation. The fabric is woven with a large diameter yarn, which makes it very breathable.

Optimized for urban areas: The supportive design of the Earthbound™ sneakers is optimized for use in urban areas with flat floors.


Wide, narrow or regular fit?

The human foot comes in all shapes and sizes. Our sneakers are optimized for a normal or average foot width.

Comfort - supportive, not soft

The ergonomically designed cork footbed inside distributes the weight over a larger area, providing a feeling of softness and support without the need for soft plastic foams.


The natural latex sole is a remarkable combination of flexibility and excellent grip, keeping you on firm ground while adapting to the surface.

Long laces for a controlled fit

The hiking-inspired long lacing system wraps gently around your foot and gives you precise fit control.

Lowering the heel

This sneaker has a heel drop of approximately 5mm. It is not a zero-drop shoe.


The inside of the sneaker is made of a pure 100% hemp textile that wicks away moisture and ensures a healthy and dry environment.

We use large diameter yarns to weave a mesh structure with thousands of tiny gaps that allow water vapor to pass through and away from your feet.

The stinky foot season is over

  • Odor and bacteria resistant materials ensure a healthy and dry environment.
  • Cork contains a natural substance called “subherin”, which makes it resistant to odors, bacteria and fungi.
  • Wool contains a natural substance called lanolin, which protects it from bacteria, water and stains.
  • Our hemp is completely chemical free and naturally antimicrobial.

Low maintenance

All our sneakers are treated with a water and dirt repellent nano coating. This coating is 100% natural and completely harmless to the environment and human health. This protection can wear off over time, so we recommend that you apply the coating from time to time using the Earthbound™ Eco-Dry Spray.



Earthbound™ materials are naturally odor, bacteria, water and stain resistant and should last a long time with proper use and care.

Water repellent

All Earthbound™ sneakers feature a water-repellent coating that is completely natural and harmless to the environment, human health and any type of material.

How to care for your Earthbound™ sneakers

To maintain the beautiful color and appearance, we recommend a gentle vacuum with a soft nozzle. Pure wool is anti-static and does not attract dirt like other fabrics. The fabric is also water-repellent, so spilled liquids can only slowly penetrate the fabric.

For all dust and mud stains, allow the stains to dry and then vacuum. After vacuuming, use a clean and soft shoe brush (or toothbrush).

If there are stains, always soak up the liquid as quickly as possible with a white kitchen towel. If the stain has dried, remove as much of it as possible by vacuuming. Most stains and dirt can be removed with a commercially available pH-neutral cleaning agent diluted in lukewarm water.

Over time, white dust may form on the surface of rubber outsoles. This is a natural hardening process of the rubber, which you can remove with warm water, regular detergent and a soft brush.

Durable outsole

The abrasion-resistant compound of the outsole ensures that you can enjoy your sneakers for a long time.


97% natural materials

Bio-based and environmentally friendly, breathable, flexible and comfortable - natural materials are outperforming plastics :)

Low CO2 emissions

Up to 65% less CO2 than the industry average.

Oeko-Tex certified - non-toxic to humans

The first sneaker in the world to be certified as non-toxic to human health through the Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100 certification for the entire product and not just for individual components.

Responsible manufacturing

  • Ethical manufacturing with fair wages and happy workers.
  • Selection of natural bio-based materials with low environmental impact.
  • Hemp from responsible cultivation in the EU and completely free from dyes and chemicals.
  • Cork from responsible cultivation in the EU.
  • Wool from responsible farms in Norway, Great Britain and New Zealand.
  • Overall reduced use of chemicals.
  • Optimized packaging and shipping.
  • Solar panels on the factory roofs.
  • Natural latex from FSC-certified forests.
  • Tencel Lyocel from FSC certified sources.

    Just like sheep.


    Like wearing clouds.


    Stinky feet season is over.


    97% bio-based carbon content.


    Oeko-tex™ certified.


    65% less CO2 emissions than the industry average.

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