Why hemp?

"Fashion made from hemp - sustainable, ecological and fair."

Hemp is one of the many wonderful plants that nature has given us and from which you can make all sorts of things. But most of us probably don't think of T-shirts, shirts and pants when we think of hemp. Not yet... But we want to change that!

Hemp is a true miracle plant for the textile market, because textiles made from the natural fiber hemp offer many advantages :

  • Low water consumption
  • No use of pesticides and herbicides
  • Fair production

Benefits of hemp clothing

The differences to cotton are already apparent in the production process . Industrial production requires much less land, water and no pesticides. Therefore, hemp clothing is free of harmful substances.

But the environmentally friendly and sustainable material also has other advantageous properties :

  • Hemp clothing is strong, durable and hard-wearing.
  • It feels very pleasant and is also suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Clothing made of hemp regulates temperature: it cools in summer and warms in winter.
  • Hemp is breathable.
  • The fibers have an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect, which means they prevent the formation of unpleasant odors.
  • Hemp fibers offer very good UV protection (up to 90%).
  • Hemp textiles are very easy to care for. Regular airing is often sufficient. This saves you having to wash them several times.
  • Moths and beetles are not interested in hemp fabrics because they do not eat proteins.

About our supplier HempAge

At HempAge you can expect organic quality hemp clothing. The company is built on the pillars of sustainability, environmental awareness and fairness . This applies not only to the textiles themselves, but also to the manufacturing process , because HempAge produces sustainably, fairly and ecologically .
(FAIR BAND, World Shop Association, Federal Association for Sustainable Economy e. V. (BNW) and GermanFashion Fashion Association Germany e. V.)

In addition, HempAge guarantees transparent and ecological production of its products through Organic Content Standard (OCS) certification .

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